Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have been so lazy today! I blame the Olympics and its bizarre and very lengthy closing ceremony. That and the almost constant heavy rain.

I tried to use my indoor-time productively and book my upcoming trip to Berlin and points east. The trip is looking like Paris - Berlin - Warsaw - Prague - Vienna - (Zurich?) - Paris. I think I might be insane. I picked each leg of the trip and was hoping to use the handy "reserve without paying option." However, I foolishly added a "discount card." Now, if I can use this card the way it seems to advertise, it would be a good deal, but by adding the card (for 85 euros!) I had to buy the whole package right away--and I wasn't prepared to do that. Now I'm back to square one. Boo. The whole ticket selecting exercise took over half an hour and I don't have the patience to to it all again and NOT add the discount card. I can't tell you how little I want to plan this trip, even though I am looking forward to it. I know, I know, poor me.

It's actually a little more traveling than I want to do but it makes sense to use this time to see places I want to see. It's not cheep--by train, about $650 for the whole trip. Then add in hostels and food for everything past Berlin (where I have a place to stay) and I'll be breaking $1,000 (for about 10 days). But it's worth it and still cheaper than a trip originating from the US.

I wish I could work up a little more enthusiasm for the trip. It seems silly to go otherwise.

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