Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Holland highlights

Visit to German town of Muenster. My first "feet-on-the-ground" experience in Germany (previous visits were to the Frankfurt airport only). The town was lovely and full of several fine old churches. We walked, ate, paddled in a paddle-boat. Most amusing moment was on the train ride there. A German teenager heard me speaking English and sat down next to me and asked where I was from--she was most delighted to hear I was from the US. She'd returned two weeks earlier from a year abroad in Rochester NY. She talked and talked. I smiled and answered while Piet looked on, amused (I presume). I have never been so enthusiastically greeted purely on the basis of being American before. I said, "See, Europeans do like Americans!" Piet replied, "Who said they didn't?"

The rest of my stay in Piet's city was occupied with domestic endeavors. I did manage to buy a pair of shoes, so that desire is sated (for the time being).

On the return trip, I routed myself through LaMa's town. He met me at the train station and toured me all around. The weather was not the most cooperative but I didn't mind the damp. The town is lovely and I'm very glad I had a chance to see it. Much more interesting, of course, was meeting someone who I've only known as an internet presence. We got along well (perhaps I was a little too chatty?) and I'd say our visit was a success. Thank you to LaMa for being such a fantastic host!

The rest of the journey back to Paris was uneventful. I got home at the expected hour and managed to get my first good night's sleep in about a week. Well, it wasn't perfectly good because I was awoken by a middle-of-the-night text from a certain person. However, I didn't mind, and I was able to fall asleep again with no ill effects.

Let's see--I don't have much to say about this "certain person" because I'm not sure what our…I was going to say, "future holds," but the real problem is the "our." We met before I left for Holland and things were good. We saw each other yesterday, but I don't know if we'll meet again. If we do, maybe there'll be a bit more "us" but I'd put the odds at 50/50. Honestly, I don't know what I want from him. It's the strangest feeling. The time I've spent with him has been very good. I like him. But…if it doesn't turn out to be "more" I don't think I'll be heartbroken. I'm not even sure I'll be sad. I can't explain it.

(My ambivalence may be explained by the bad news I received last night, but I'm not sure…details in the next post.)

(By the way, this isn't the French professor-type I mentioned recently. That guy turned out to be separating from his long-time partner. Essentially, he's separated-but-not-divorced but without the formality of marriage. He also has four young children. I don't plan to see him again.)

Grateful for: friends.

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