Thursday, July 03, 2008


I suppose my shopping habits are not of much interest to you but I find them amusing.

Today, I decided that I needed to get some hand towels for when/if I have guests. I have two bath towels at home but only one hand towel. I'd seen some at the Monoprix, marked down, so that's where I went. Hand towels (aka serviettes) in France are not like hand towels in America. They are about 39"x20", twice the length of the hand towels I have at home--large enough to wrap my hair with. I couldn't match the color so I just chose a pair of the on-sale ones in a color I liked. Cost: 6.90 for two.

Of course, I couldn't walk out of the store with only two towels. I couldn't resist a few other household items that ranged from arguably necessary to moderately frivolous.

The list:

Two ceramic egg cups, off-white on the outside, blue on the inside. I've been thinking about making soft-boiled eggs. Now I can. At .50-euro cents each, I couldn't resist.

Two small bowls. The bowls I have are HUGE. Not sure what you're supposed to put in them, since the sides are very high (thus, not soup). When I want a small bowl, I've been using a mug, but the mugs are also HUGE. I like the small bowls; they are true dessert bowls. 5 euros for two.

Two drain screens, one for the tub and one for the kitchen sink. Overpriced at 2.05 but I haven't seen any cheaper.

A paring knife. There are no sharp or good knives here. There is no paring-sized knife. I'd say this was fairly necessary. I already put it to good use hulling strawberries. 3.60 euros.

An apron--inessential but useful. I have a collection of colorful aprons at home and this will most likely join them. It's a little silly and frilly--so much so that on the receipt it's listed as "tablier froufrou." Wonderful. On sale for 4.50, half price.

All these little things make it homey. I don't know how much I'll leave here and how much I'll take back, but probably some will come with me. To think, my souvenirs of Paris could well be towels and an apron. That does sound like me, doesn't it?

Grateful for: future memories.

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