Saturday, July 05, 2008


I'm sitting in my apartment, minding my own business, watching a movie and trying to figure out a scarf pattern. I spent the whole day out and was up late on Friday, so I'm taking it easy on Saturday night.

It's 10:15pm. I hear someone call my name.

Yes, the shutters are open a crack. The lights are on. I go to the window.

It's the window guy. The guy who asked me out through my window. Who I foolishly gave my number.


He says something about trying to call me and my number not working. I didn't purposefully give him the wrong number.

I shrug my shoulders. He says something I don't understand. I frown. I want him to go away.

I say, "I'm in my house."

He says, "Can I come in? To your house?"

I say, "NO."

He looks sad and walks away. Dude. DUDE. What were you thinking?

Grateful for: common sense.

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