Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All better

My little case of the blues? All gone. I predicted that on Monday, I would feel better. In fact, I felt so much better that I could barely recall the feelings that were so troubling on Sunday. Not to say that I was joyfully ecstatic on Monday, just back to normal, level, contented feelings. Emotions are wondrous things.

Also sort of amazing is how easy it is to while away a day with no work and no obligations.

I am still waking up early, around 6:30 or 7am. I take an hour or so to read blogs, answer emails and poke around the internet. Then I do a little bit of exercise. I take a shower, brush my teeth and, possibly, have something to eat.

This morning, I did some banking. Fun! It's 9am and I haven't gotten to the tooth-brushing yet.

Yesterday, I went back to my neighborhood coffee bar. I hadn't been there for about a week--I'd been going to a place near school. The proprietor recognized me and greeted my heartily. I'd sat at a table but when he saw me he waved me up to the bar and gave me an enthusiastic "Ca va?" I guess it's ok to be a regular.

He gave me my coffee, I took it back to my table and read for a while. When I was finished, I took the empty cup back to the bar and paid. I had a short conversation with the guy. He asked if class was over (I'd previously told him I was in class) and then we had a confusing exchange where I tried to explain what I was doing here and he kept asking if I were a student. It's really too bad that I'm not getting any writing done (sigh), or I could just say I'm a writer. But, you know, even if I were writing every day and had a clear idea of what I want to do (I did, now I don't!), I still would have a hard time saying "I'm a writer." Oh well. It takes a guy breaking up with me for those words to come out of my mouth!

After the coffee and chat, it was off to the police station. It wasn't far, but I took a circuitous route in order to see more of the area. I found the "station" which was really more of a "substation." The building wasn't marked but when I walked in, a young woman in a police uniform behind a high desk greeted me, "Madame? Madame?" I said something about a "carte de sejour" and she referred me to an older woman dressed in civilian clothes, seated to her right. The civilian lady was very friendly and asked me where I lived and what I was doing there. Normally, a tourist wouldn't need a residence card, but she finally seemed to get it. Then she asked me to sit down for a minute while she found the information. She looked in a big loose-leaf binder with many pages held in those clear, plastic protective sleeves. She made a phone call. Then she called me back, wrote an address on a little piece of paper and told me they'd be open until six or so.

It was around 12:30, so I decided to get some lunch. I stopped in a little Vietnamese place on the way back to my place and had a huge bowl of "bo bun" (not Pho!) for about 7 euros. So much food that I couldn't finish it! I wish it were more the culture here to take things home.

Instead of going to the next police station, I went home. I was beat! All that doing nothing all morning really tired me out. I knit, rested…watched a dvd. At 5:30, I went out to the movies. I saw another early Lubitcsh, Design for Living.

Given that it's based on a Noel Coward play, it's no surprise that it was great, funny and somewhat scandalous.

After that, I walked a little, took a bus the rest of the way home and settled in for the evening.

It's not a bad life. Not a productive life, but not bad at all.

Today, I'm meeting some friends of my father's for lunch. Then I may go to a "meetin" event--if I'm not too wiped out.

Oh, and right now? After I brush my teeth and have my coffee, it's off to the police station!

Grateful for: easy living.

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