Saturday, June 21, 2008

Outside my window

Not only does my window open directly on to the street, but the sidewalk below it seems to be a repository for discarded household items.

The first such item was a small, dilapidated chest of drawers. I was slightly disturbed at the placement of the item: directly below my window, almost ready to act as a step right up and into my apartment! I moved it over a bit and found it right back in front of my window the next morning! Within a day or two, though, it was gone, removed by the very efficient sanitation department.

The next items were a pair of elderly television sets. I didn't move them and, again, they were gone within two days.

Last night, when I got home an entire (broken) sofa bed was sprawled on the sidewalk in front of my window. I walked up to investigate and just shook my head: irretrievable.

I heard some banging around (maybe at midnight?) and I opened the shutters a crack to take a look--part of the sofa had been opened and was covering almost the entire sidewalk. I shook my head again and went to sleep.

This morning, it was gone! Vive la France!

Grateful for: an efficient sanitation department.

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