Monday, June 16, 2008


Lots to write about and not much motivation, but I intend to get to the bulk of it today.

In summary, I've been running around being social since Friday. Crazy, right? (Saturday was a down day, which I needed, so that was fine.)

However, I'd like your opinion on something that might get buried in a longer post.

Last week, I put a notice up in the craig's list "strictly platonic" section. I said I was looking for folks to hang out with and/or language exchange. I got about five responses, three of which seemed to be from non-scary and/or crazy people. Though I would have been happy to hear from women, only men responded (not surprising).

I met one of the guys on Sunday and we had a very long walk, a drink, and more walking. He was pleasant, intelligent, and gently corrected my accent. We did the bulk of our talking in English, because I don't have enough French for a decent conversation.

The problem? He's old enough to be my father (though probably 5-10 years younger than my actual father) and he neglected to mention this in his email or on the phone. I did mention my age in my notice and I included a pic (so you can see how youthful and goofy-looking I am). Now, it was a "strictly-platonic" posting, so age isn't really an issue, but when you're talking about a twenty-year plus gap, that would seem worth mentioning.

By the end of our "date" he asked if he could call me "tu" (French speakers can best assess the meaning of this) and invited me to dinner on Wednesday. He also said I should call him, which I took as his way of making sure I was actually interested and leaving me an out. Oh, and when we had our afternoon drink, he paid--and then said it didn't have the same social meaning as in the US. I didn't believe him but I didn't press it.

I had a decent time with him. He was interesting and I learned something about Paris from him, but I am uncomfortable with the romantic overtones that sounded throughout the date. I cannot envisage romantic anything with this man (I don't find him physically attractive) and I can tell he was digging me.

I do wonder what his story is--ever married/in a long relationship, children, widower? But I didn't ask because that would have indicated the wrong kind of interest. To his credit, he spared me a similar inquisition.

So, now what? Do I have to call and tell him I don't want to see him again? What about email? Can I avoid the whole thing? Boy oh boy do I hate this part.

Two of you asked for kissing lessons. If you are dedicated readers or good skimmers you will now be rewarded with what I learned oh-so-long ago on the Greek island, Poros. To be perfectly honest, I've written about this before (it's the first point in my How to kiss post), but I'll try to expand a bit.

The basic lesson is: build suspense. A little tension is exciting and playful. Kissing can lead to serious business but it should be fun and tantalizing. If you go slowly, you can achieve this effect.

In kissing, start all around the face and avoid the lips for a while. Tease. Fun! (Need I mention that kisses to the face should be dry, unless you know the person's preference is otherwise?)

When you get to the mouth, just start with some steady lip-to-lip contact. Reject her tongue!

That's really what I learned; hold off on the tongue action for as long as possible. Then, when it starts, it's particularly delicious.


Grateful for: a social life.

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