Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I can't speak

Walking down the street, listening to my ipod, a man starts talking to me. He keeps talking so I stop, pull out an earphone and listen. He is speaking French but I can't make out what he's saying. I hear a question, "…Espanol?" I laugh. I've been waiting to be mistaken for Spanish but expected it to be based on my accent, not my looks. I still haven't spoken.

I finally speak, "Non, americanne."

He smiles and says something else I don't understand.

I say (in French) that I don't understand.

He says, "You want…to drink?" and he makes a motion of lifting a cup to his lips.

I laugh again and say, "Non! Merci beaucoup!" and keep walking in my direction, home. He continues on his way, in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, we didn't have French class. Today we did and I took my third (and I think final) test. I think I did better than last time. Maybe I got in the B- range. That would be cool. I'm looking forward to class being over but I think I'll miss it too. I like the teacher. I can live without most of the other students but they're not so bad. It hasn't been much of a social opportunity, but not a total loss either. I've learned a lot in the class…no regrets.

I don't know if I'll take another class. Maybe, eventually. I will try and do some studying on my own. We haven't come close to covering everything in the books I bought for class and I can review all the other material. But, maybe I'll slack on that. We'll see! I do seem to be finding ample opportunities to speak French so that might provide the incentive I need to continue studying on my own…or maybe that will be enough like studying?

No rules, no compunction, that's the ONLY rule. Freedom is good.

Grateful for: freedom to spend my time however I want.

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