Saturday, May 24, 2008


Oh boy. Today was crazy. Ok, not crazy. But work, real work.

I woke up around 7am and got right to work sorting, moving and packing. I was heading out to the coffee shop around the block to get some coffee and check my email. One neighbor waylaid me on the way out to ask if we could go to the bank later than planned. (Three of us planned to go to the bank to change/correct the very, very, VERY out of date signature card.) I said fine. My tenant, Ken, was also supposed to come over in the morning so I could give him keys, we could sign the lease and so he could hand me a check. He was running late too, so that was fine: more coffee shop time.

I got back home around 9:30. Shortly after, Ken arrived. I walked him through the house, demonstrated how the alarm worked, showed him the funky back gate and the basement. We also figured out where the battery was in the van (would you have guessed under the front passenger seat?). (I've been told I need to disconnect the battery if I let it sit for a long time, but I wanted Kenny to be able to reconnect it if he needs to move the van.)

We talked things over, went down to the basement, he carried a table down there for me. Then I noticed it was 11:30am--the bank closes at noon. Ken left and I knocked on the neighbor's door. Her baby was still sleeping (the reason for the delay) but she agreed to wake him. We grabbed the other neighbor and the four of us walked the three blocks to the bank. It took a while but we got everything done and I had a good time making faces at the baby.

Back home, I heard the current status of the neighbor who lives directly above me. She is going through a rough time right now. I like her fine and I was happy to talk to her. Her timing wasn't great but I can't fault her for that. Maybe we'll spend a little more friendly time together when I get back.

Then, after moving a few more things to the basement, it was time to go to Pele's house to drop off my bike and feed her cat. On the way there, I called Mom.

I complained about how hard this all is and I said, "It better be worth it!"

Mom said, "Well, you'll find out."

Nice, Mom. Everyone else has responded, "It will be."

I dropped the bike off at Pele's then went to pick up some lunch at the Salvadoran place around the corner. I came back, fed the cat and put on a DVD. This was my designated break time.

Pele's cat became my best friend! She sat next to me almost the entire time I was there and demanded extensive petting and scratching. I was happy to oblige.

I headed home and got back to work. Then, in a fit of what I can only term insanity, I trimmed some of the plants in the back yard. Dude! What is wrong with me?

I moved almost everything to the back room that either will stay there, go to the basement or be thrown away. The stuff does NOT fill the room.

I had a fleeting idea that I would go to the coffee shop for more internet time then stop by Union Station for a movie. When 8pm rolled around and I hadn't gotten in the shower yet, I decided to nix that plan.

My suitcases have been partially filled since last weekend when Diego came over to help me with clothing decisions. One bag was filled with the clothing Diego picked out for me and the other was collecting items as I came upon them. I stuffed a whole bunch of additional stuff in the clothing bag and weighed it (first me, then me+bag): 38 pounds! My total weight limit is 80 pounds.

I realized I needed to unpack both bags and see exactly what I'm bringing. Plus, I still have to fold and store a couple of boxes worth of clothing. Oy!

It was almost 8:30 and I'd managed to pull everything out of both bags and fold and pile most of it. I forced myself to stop for dinner. It's not too much clothing. The weight was coming from a few books, and excessive amount of toiletries and all the knitting paraphernalia. I'll probably leave a couple of the books and pare down the toiletries. All knitting gear must come! (It's not all the knitting stuff I own, just needles that would be very expensive to replace and, um, a whole bunch of yarn. Some of the yarn can stay.)

One friend of mine was surprised that I was bringing three bags--two checked and one carry-on. It is definitely more than I usually bring on a trip--but it's six months! I don't want to feel deprived and go shopping. I don't want to spend money on clothing--I want to save it for entertainment, food and travel. Plus, I'll have all the regular living expenses: laundry, household items, public transportation, etc.

It's 9:15pm now and I'm watching some tv, doing laundry and thinking about what else I have to eat in the house. I may do a little more packing tonight--and laundry folding. Tomorrow I will move the rest of the clothing I'm not bringing to the back and take everything that goes to basement to the basement. Take out the trash. Clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen, and vacuum the back room. Also, go to the office to deposit Ken's check, go out for coffee and, very last, have dinner with friends!!!

Another full day. Oy!

Grateful for: one day closer to France!

PS Whoever's wifi I'm stealing: thank you very much!!!

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