Thursday, May 15, 2008

The stuff

At what point does thinking about packing become so overwhelming that it's better to just start packing?

While I may not keep the cleanest house in the world, it's exceptionally tidy. But I do have my junk drawers. Even those are neat enough that you can see everything in them. But much of what I have in my drawers and closets is not worth saving...yet it's not clear if I should throw it all away.

A couple of examples. I have two ancient historical lamps. Not heirlooms, exactly, but cool mod-style things purchases by my parents either before or soon after my birth. One of these lamps I don't care for very much...wait, nevermind, that was easy. The less loved lamp goes! Neither lamp works well, but the one I really like takes up a lot less space, so I'll keep it and repair it later. The other one can go to the alley.

Another example: my cassette tapes. They are so unloved that they don't even live near the stereo (which has a tape deck), but reside in the depths of the back closet. Yet I can't imagine getting rid of them. They take one drawer in a plastic shelving unit...but seem so inessential. Who knows if they even play anymore? Still, I don't think they're going.

My move is odd. I'm not moving furniture or books. I am taking a lot of my clothing with me to Paris. But what I don't take, which will probably be something like 60-70% of my wardrobe, will stay in my house. The question is, when do I start shifting the stuff around? Some of the shift has started. I put all of grandma's china in boxes above the kitchen cupboards, out of the way of my tenant. He'll get full use of all other kitchen items. How lucky am I that I don't have to pack my kitchen?

Here is all I need to do:

  1. In the living room: clear out the coat closet, drawers in the coffee table and other knickknacks. Move the stereo, tv, turntable, vcr, dvd player, speakers, and LPs.

  2. In the dining room: clear out all the personal items on the bookcase (books stay!), clear out the main two shelves in the linen closet (floor and top shelf are mine).

  3. Bathroom: remove all personal items.

  4. Bedroom: remove bed, all clothing (from dresser, shelves and closet). Dresser, bookcase (and books!), and night stand stay.

  5. Kitchen: maybe go through junk drawer. Or not. Dishes stowed.

  6. Back room: remove my "laundry folding" table (will go in the basement. Put all my stuff in the large closet.

So, what will have to go in that big back closet? All my clothing, shoes, accessories that aren't coming with me to France. The full "entertainment center" (speakers, receiver, turntable, dvd player, vcr, tv--some will be stored in the original boxes that are currently residing in that closet). My bed frame, which is pieces of lumber. It can probably go on the floor.

Pele is taking the camping gear, which isn't big and heavy but is awkwardly shaped and takes up a diproportionate amount of closet space. She's also taking the bicycle! Thank you so much! It's a huge help.

And, I'm getting rid of stuff. So far, I gave away a little paper shredder (I have newer, better one), an old turntable Spesh sluffed off on me when he moved, and a little Ikea table (I made $10!). Next to go will be a big ol' down comforter (this Saturday) and my mattress (next Thursday).

What else? I must be forgetting something. You know, this will be a ridiculously easy move. What am I worried about? I've already done the hard parts. Now I just have to tackle cleaning my house and shifting things around. I'd dearly love some company for the process, but I can manage it on my own. Whew. This may have been boring reading, but I feel a lot better now. Thanks for your patience!

Grateful for: a plan!

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