Friday, May 16, 2008


Last night, I finished the second sock in my first pair of adult socks. Hooray! A colleague asked how long it took to knit these socks and I honestly don't know--many, many hours, I'm sure. I finished the first sock a few weeks ago--long before the trip to Paris--and then I got sidetracked by other projects. When I got back from Paris, I got to work on the second sock because, really, what good is one sock with no mate?

Today, I couldn't resist wearing the pair, even though I really should have washed the new sock. They are a little too warm for the weather, I can feel them a little, but they are not uncomfortable. I'm impressed with myself, even those these socks contain no embellishments or a pretty pattern. Being able to knit your own socks is I really wonder how well they'll hold up since I've read on many a knitting blog about holes in hand knit socks...but if that happens, it's no great loss because this yarn was quite inexpensive. I would be sad, though, if my first pair of socks didn't last very long.

Besides the socks, I don't have much to report. I managed to do a tiny bit of work today and wrap up a few things around the office. I have to pack my office and I haven't lifted a finger in that direction yet. (We will either be moved or cubed while I'm gone.) My house is a bit chaotic because I spent the morning pulling things out of closets, reorganizing and deciding what to dump and what to donate. I was an hour late to work. I did make plans with Pele for tonight and get a Tabitha (the cat) update from KJ. Tabby is doing just fine. (See Tabitha settling in here.)

I do wonder if I should try to organize some kind of get-together before I go. Unfortunately, I can't make the DC blogger meet-up next week, and the idea of sending email, picking a place for a happy hour or otherwise expending energy on organizing an event to be beyond my capacity. I'm not in the mood! So, if you know me and you want to see me before I go, email or call and we'll figure something out. Otherwise, I'll see you in December--or when you come to visit me in Paris.

Grateful for: time to figure it all out.

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