Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sometimes a date is just a date. I don't want to say I'm disappointed. If anything, I'm relieved: I will be leaving the US with no unresolved emotional dilemmas (beyond the ones I currently have).

The date itself was fine. The guy was fine. He was nervous and so was I. He still resides in neutral territory. I liked him well enough to consider friendship, but I didn't feel an immediate spark (which means nothing). He didn't bowl me over with his good looks, but he was fine looking. If I were going to be around, I don't know if we'd have another date. Since I'm leaving, we won't.

Altogether, it wasn't exciting or boring or worth worrying about. Oh well.

On the Paris front, I heard from my new landlord (a couple of unanswered emails had me worried) and banking issues are resolved (I love you Capital One! Well, really, really like because, while you charge no fees, the hold times on transfers from other banks are outrageously long. Guess you have to make your money somewhere.)

I seem to alternate between gleefulness (while brushing my teeth this morning, I did a little happy dance while saying "I'm going to Paris" in my head) and anxiety (when am I going to pack, what am I going to take?). I plan to start packing my house next week. While I get to leave most of my stuff, a few things have to go and several things have to be stored. But where? The future tenant did another walk through on Monday and we agreed on what is staying and what has to go. He also agreed that I could use the huge closet in the back room as storage space. That and the basement might be enough room if I can get rid of my mattress--he is bringing his own bed.

For quite a while, I've only been able to use part of the back closet because of a leak in the roof. We are currently (yay!!!) having the roof repaired. Hopefully, this means that the closet can be fully used again. It is half-full, but a lot of what is in there is JUNK. If I could clear out the junk I don't care about, I might well be able to fill it with all the junk from the rest of the house that I do care about. And then anything that I want to keep but don't care much about can go to the damp, musty basement. Hmm.

I'm not looking forward to next week. I will try and make good use of Freecycle. After that, it's the dumpster.

Anyone want a five-year-old queen sized mattress? Free to any home! What about a bunch of old New Yorker magazines? Old MacWorld magazines? A bulky sleeping bag? A REALLY old tent? Old clothing? Anyone? Hello?

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