Friday, May 02, 2008

More details!

A few of you asked in the comments "which arrondisment is the apartment?" The 13th! Not the most glamorous or famous arrondisment, but it's ideal for my purposes.

The lively street I'm one block away from is Butte aux Cailles (click for more details). It's going to take a while to learn how to pronounce that correctly. That description pretty much sold me before I even saw the place, but add in the very livable space and that was all it took.

Here's a a map of Paris with the neighborhood indicated by the "flags":

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And what I meant by "bed/sofa" was a particular kind of Ikea contraption (don't worry, it comes with a mattress)...that I used to own! So, I know it's comfortable.

The bad news is that the floor is hard and space is limited, but I will be able to accommodate up to two (very friendly) guests at a time, though one is preferred. I'll work out something to make the floor bearable. I definitely want visitors!

Last, I'm planning to start a new family/work friendly blog. I want to have a place to write where I'm comfortable having everyone read--I know work folks and mom and dad (etc.) are excited about my trip and want to follow along.

So, you know, I've come up with a new (lame) name for the blog but I'm open to suggestions. All of the readers here will be invited to the new blog but I'm going to ask you to respect some separation between the two spaces. No calling me "Jamy" or referring to "Grateful Dating" in the comments. I will link from here to there, but not from there to here--so if you can help me keep that straight, that would be great. Any other ideas about how to pull this off, naming suggestions, or other thoughts would be very much appreciated!

Grateful for: the plan coming together.

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