Thursday, May 22, 2008


I feel crazy and discouraged. I just found out that the ATM card for my Capital One account (the one that charges no fees on withdrawals overseas) will not arrive until after I'm in Europe. I got so angry! I started swearing under my breath and had to hang up before I started screaming at the lady on the other end of the line. She also slightly chastised me for asking how a second party (my renter) could deposit money into my account, "This account wasn't set up for that kind of thing." Great. Sue me for asking a damn question! They won't even accept a wire transfer from a second party account! Amazing.

So, I went to my credit union (in the building) and it turns out they DO accept second party wire transfers. Worst case, my renter can transfer the money there and then I can transfer it from the credit union to CapOne. Event though I'm angry at them. The credit union does charge a one-dollar fee for each ATM transaction, but no foreign exchange fee, so I can use them to get cash at least until I get the CapOne ATM card. Lord, why are things so complicated? It's me, I know. I should have just used the credit union right along. But I hate fees! And, the interest rate on the savings is a, it's complicated, but worthwhile and it will all work. I just wish this were all resolved completely by now and that I wasn't still putting out fires. Argh!

I'm in the middle of packing my office. Why? Because we're scheduled to move sometime soon. No one knows when or where (just moving down the hall? or having the entire space converted to cubicles?). Nevertheless, I have to pack. I have so many books and files here, it's ridiculous. I toted a lot of my personal sociology library over here and originally, I meant to take these home, along with some of the personal files I keep at the office for convenience. I ran out of time and energy for that, however, so into boxes it all goes. I've filled ten so far. I have at least two or three more to go.

This morning, in another round of "move boxes around and see how to fit them most efficiently in to the available closet space," I slipped down my step ladder and scraped the underside of my foot. Note to self: WEAR SHOES while moving heavy boxes. Now, I have a bruise under my toes! I'm lucky it wasn't worse, though, and I regained my footing without falling down. This would be a perfect time to break a bone or sprain something. Perish the thought!

The problem I'm facing isn't so much a lack of time but a lack of energy. The office packing is so wearing that when I get home, I just want to relax and go to bed early, when what I really need to do is pack a little more and move things into the back closets. Well, worst case, I do most everything that's left to do on Saturday. Not ideal, but it should be enough time.

When will the cleaning get done, though, I wonder?

Grateful for: the organizational skills that have carried me this far.

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