Wednesday, April 30, 2008


7:20 pm. I should be eating dinner right now to get back on schedule. But it's also 1:21 am so I'm not so hungry.

Were you expecting me to write while I was gone? If so, I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that I planned it to be a blog-free time. Mostly for convenience. I didn't bring my computer--I had access to the computer where we stayed. Also, writing with Mom looking over my shoulder seemed like a bad idea.

Ok, short version: I'm moving to Paris on May 27! I bought my plane ticket today. I found a place to live. I put a deposit down. It was not romantic love but it was total confidence that I will like it there, that I will be happy and that going is what I want to do. I can handle it. I will learn French! I will read, write, knit, bike, walk and make full use of the public transportation system. I will drink coffee in the morning standing at the bar. I will shop at open markets, go see movies in English with French subtitles and maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get confident enough to get lost.

More later.

Grateful for: my wonderful plan.

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