Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When it rains... drizzles.

Last week, I called Diego and left him a message about how well my trip planning is going. I have a renter, I have informal approval for the leave, it's all coming together.

He called me back and left a message about how he had some friends who had the perfect guy for me (smart, Jewish, attractive). He was excited but warned them that I might be going to France. And guess what, now I am going to France! So, no set up for me.

I called him back and left yet another message and said, "No, ,no, NO! You have to introduce me! This is what's supposed to happen! This is what I've been waiting for!" Then, perhaps, I laughed maniacally.

Set up is pending.

Today, I had an entirely too long a lunch with a guy I know from college who was only kind of my friend back then. He's super geeky guy, now a successful professor type, happily married with FOUR children. He's probably a couple of years younger than me. He's just as I remembered him, but taller and a touch heavier (wish I could claim the former!).

We had a good time, somewhat to my surprise, but I rambled far too much about the ins and outs of my job (at his prompting).

I did not tell him about France.

The most amusing moment of the lunch was when he asked (not in these words) if I was interested in being set up with a nice, Jewish, age appropriate DC-dwelling friend of his.

When I realized where he was heading, I looked down, laughed nervously and probably blushed. But I said yes. Of course!

That makes two set up offers with nice Jewish guys in the last week.

Total number of previous DC set-ups with nice Jewish guys: one.

Total life time number of nice Jewish guy boyfriends: zero.

This leaving the country thing may pay off yet!

Grateful for: friendly offers.

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