Thursday, April 17, 2008


Let's say you go to a happy hour where you see a guy you haven't seen for a long time.

Let's say it's a guy who has, on every occasion that you've met, cornered you, isolated you or otherwise ensured that he had your full attention.

Let's say you didn't particularly object to this because you find the guy smart, funny and attractive.

Let's say that while he's talking to you and telling you jokes--and refining the joke telling so that you won't be offended (respecting your preference for juvenile, non-scatological humor)--he touches you. He touches your arm, he makes firm, leg-to-leg contact. He also makes eye contact and smiles a lot.

Let's say that once he tried to set you up with a friend of his by inviting both of you to a happy hour. Even on that night, he ended up spending the later half of the evening talking to you, and only you, and making it impossible for anyone else to approach you.

Let's say this has happened about four times. Other than these friendly, public encounters, and a handful of emails, no other contact has occurred.

What would you make of it?

Grateful for: attention.

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