Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Is it boring yet to say how stressed and overwhelmed I am by all my planning?

Last night, I walked home and had to rush out to take Tabitha to the vet. She needed her regular shots. Woo-hoo, that was one unhappy kitty! And she has to go back in three weeks for a booster! That will be fun.

I'm busy setting up appointments to see apartments in Paris. I'm emailing every likely place that comes up on craigslist. Some even respond. It's not a ton of places. I'm nervous.

I have almost all my documents, save one, for my appointment with the French Consulate/Embassy on Friday. Do I go without that document? Do I reschedule the appointment if it doesn't come?

I'm having people over for Passover on Saturday. Almost no one can come! I'll have between 2 and 5 guests. Oy. I have to shop tonight. Clean on Wednesday and Thursday. Cook on Friday and Saturday.

I'm still going to play soccer on Saturday. And Sunday. Don't say it.

Oh, and Sailor? He changed our Wednesday night after-work to a Thursday lunch. Boo.

Grateful for: a plan.

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