Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Drowing in minutae

Oy. Bad blogger! I have no intention of giving up the blog, in case you were wondering. I know I'd be wondering if one of my several weekly reads started posting twice a week: MAX. Yeesh.

You know, the whole point of this trip to Paris is to write. Yet, the amount of planning, worrying and organizing it requires is sapping my energy to do almost anything else! No writing, no reading...not even knitting! I could knit but I'm toning it down due to continued, unrelenting, shoulder pain. I'm on the good drugs now so hopefully I will recover enough to take it up again.

I also made, in retrospect, a good decision to not row this year. First, it wouldn't be much of a season. Second, my shoulder still hurts and rowing would only make it worse. Third, who has time?

I have a dozen annoying calls that I'm working through every day: to the phone company, the student loan people (can I lower my payment temporarily?), cell phone company (grrr...pure evil!), a roofer.

I have to visit the bank, open a new bank account, link all current bank accounts.

The tedium is never ending. Never ending. I sure hope it pays off!

Grateful for: organizational skills.

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