Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, today, I decided to go across the street for lunch. I wasn't sure why, since the place I chose is not the normal place, but the short walk there is out-of-doors and it's drop-dead-gorgeous outside, so away I walked.

On the way back, carrying a Styrofoam container of warm food, I spotted a man looking at a map right in front of my building. I decided I'd point him in the direction of the Mall, since that's what most tourists are looking for if they land in front of my building (we're near the L'Enfant Metro Station).

As I passed the man, I said, "It's that way." I pointed north, in the direction of the Mall.

He said, "What? No. I want to go somewhere else." He had a slight accent.

I stopped and looked at the map and pointed to the museums. "That's where all the museums are. You don't want to go there?"

"No. I want to go here." He pointed to Hains Point. "I want to see something else."

"Oh. Well, then you need to go the other way. But there's not much there." I pointed south.

"I'm from Norway. I'm here two days and I see the museums." He smiled.

We spent a little more time looking at the map and I oriented him to his exact location. He asked me if I worked helping tourists, if I was on a break and how long I had for lunch. I was in hurry to get back so I said good bye and sent him off in more or less the right direction.

I got back to my desk and started eating my now cold lunch when it hit me. Doh! Single, attractive (he was good-looking but I didn't notice right away since I was looking at the map), age-appropriate, man wandering aimlessly through the streets of DC attempting to see unusual sights. What would be more unusual than a tour of H Street, for example? Know anyone who could have helped him out with that? Yeah, I do. And it would sure be more interesting than another lame-o happy hour with strangers.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Grateful for: chances.

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