Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My day was spent about 50% on work and 50% on Paris research. Yet, I only have work to show for it and no Paris apartment. How's that obsession working out for me? Well, it sure makes the day go faster....

(Unanswered questions: should I apply for a long-stay visa? Should I try for a year sabbatical instead of six months? Should I try to take a language class at the Sorbonne instead of a commercial language school? Semi-answered questions: I know where to get travel medical insurance. Whoop-dee-doo!)

Got in touch with Spesh and told him that our semi-plan to meet on the West Coast for Passover was off (the timing conflicts with my Paris reconnoiter). He was thrilled at the prospect of me moving to Paris! It was great to get that reaction from him. Then he immediately made a connection for me with a woman he knows who lives in Paris who needs to sublet her place. Odds are it won't work out but it's a great idea.

Last and totally (mostly) unrelated, my blog-friend, Billy, at Living the Romantic Comedy had a good post the other day where he talks about this project where people write their life stories in six words. I couldn't resist trying it out in Billy's comments:

First try: Too much school, still not married.


Second try: Great boring job, moving to Paris!

That's more like it.

Please share your six-word life stories in the comments! I'll post some of your stories later this week.

Grateful for: distraction and Spesh.

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