Saturday, March 08, 2008

My, my

Did I mention that I'll be out of town next week?

Did I mention that I'm going out of my mind?

It's so hard to fully, internally commit to Paris. I love my apartment (house, condo, whatever you call it) SO MUCH that I hate the idea of leaving that physical space. Yet, if I just quit and stick around (as opposed to leaving town), I will stagnate. But it makes me so sad to think of leaving my little homey space. (It merely makes me feel guilty to think of leaving my job. Bah, guilt, could you let up just this once? I'm starting to feel like the perpetrator of a stealth break up--you know the one where one day the husband wakes up and says, "I can't stay in this marriage. I don't love you. I don't think I ever loved you." And the wife is all WTF?!?! (I know someone to whom this actually happened--ouch). I keep imagining the shocked look on TR's face when I tell him what I'm thinking about. Or maybe he'll be relieved. That would be a blow to the ego!!)

Anyway, work has been busy and I'm not good at multitasking when it comes to writing. I've been writing for work. So, I write a little, read a little, edit a little, write a little. Somehow, the blog doesn't fit.

Could someone please tell me, though, how do you manage the sabbatical arrangements? How do I make this happen? Do I really want to make it happen. I know it would be hard at first. Or maybe it would be easy at first and hard later. So many things would change. I'd leave Tabitha with a friend, I think that's best for both of us...but the thought of being all alone in a little Paris garret (ah, the romance) with out even a kitty to keep me's sad. And she's not very good company and I don't usually miss her much when I'm away from home. But I think I was lonelier without her and that might be even worse.

Still, gallivanting around Europe on all my fun side trips will be much easier without a cat dependent. So, anyone need a cat for 6 months to a year? (I have a place for her already, but it's not local. Locals should feel free to volunteer.)

Ah, right, so, next week: St. Louis. Anyone been there recently? Any must sees? I'll be inside all day, most of the day, training, but I'm sure I'll have a few free moments to look around. I've been there once and didn't go up in the Arch. This time, I'm going!

Ok, it's way too late to write, so I'll stop and post.

I loved all your six-word life stories, by the way. I demand more!

Grateful for: writing.

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