Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Much better

Since I'm trying to pay attention in class (it's hard, because we have our computers and wifi and, thus, infinite ways to distract ourselves), I'll just give a quick run down of how things are going well in St. Louis.

My "table group" is a friendly, age-diverse, and I like them all. One woman, Sarah, is from DC, lives in my neighborhood, works in my general field (for a non-profit), knits and has a BA in my grad school field. Kind of cool--it's possible that I have a new friend, but I'm not counting my chickens.

After the first day of class, another table-mate, Sandi, took me to Walgreens in her rented car. I stocked up on all necessary items and lots of snacks--enough so that I won't have to buy breakfast again.

We also found a part of downtown that was actually open at night and had a nice dinner. Sandi is what you might call an "over-sharer" but lively and interesting and I enjoyed our conversation.

Last night, the table-mates and I went out to dinner at Cunetto's, at Seth's suggestion. Thank you Seth!

I'm a little slower at the course this time than when I took part two in 2005 (yeesh), but I'm muddling through. This is the third and final course in the series. I took the first one in 2003. To my credit, I got 100% in the first two classes. But I'm not expecting that this time. It's now computerized--electronic spreadsheets instead of paper, and I'm playing catch up.

Overall, I'm enjoying my time. I'm meeting people, talking lots, having plenty of alone time and actually learning stuff. Next step: tourist attractions!

Grateful for: time away.

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