Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the grind

Today, the first day back at work in a week, was deadly mediocre. Almost right off the bat, I snapped at TR AND Larry (old boss). I was complaining about a distant employee who asked me to fax him a document that he first requested in 2005. Obviously, I'd faxed it to him back then and, today, I found the document in my files with the fax cover sheet and date "5/2/2005" marked on it. I faxed it to the dude who didn't apologize for his error--but he did thank me. Annoying!

Anyway, I decide to complain a bit to TR and Larry walks in so I tell them both the story, in my typical animated fashion. Their reaction? "Don't be angry!" "Calm down!" "Let it go!" "Nothing to be done!" Chortle, chortle, chortle. Look, I wasn't angry, per se, more frustrated. I wanted to vent--these two vent all the time! I kind of let them have it, "You can't express an emotion around here without being told to calm down! Don't tell me how to feel! I'm just venting! It's not like I called [the dude] and yelled at him--that's why I'm talking to you!" And I stomped into my office.

Great start. Someone needs to get out of here, no?

Plus, I was assigned to co-lead a project with Mandy. No, I don't think so. She can do it on her own or I'll take it but no way am I working with her. We did it together last year because my jury duty interfered with my being in sole charge. I didn't enjoy working with her then and after all that mess around my birthday, I'm not going to do it now. I emailed the person coordinating this and said I thought it was a one person job and Mandy can have it if she wants it. He replied and cc'd her. Nice. No word back from Mandy yet. Wonder how that will wash out!

I also had another round with my condo-mates. I'm trying to resign from my position of treasurer in anticipation of my "sabbatical." (Can I stop using the quotes? Is it really happening?) I wrote to them over a week ago telling them about my departure. No response. Today I wrote and said I'd be resigning as of April 15th. The two responses were as follows:

Response #1: Can we talk about looking into an outside management company? I would love to help out but I'm at work 90% of the time and I'm fearful I won't be able to commit myself to the position of treasurer. It seems that we are all stretched very thin, and that this has been problematic in arranging meetings and new positions in the past. Any thoughts on this? Of course majority rules so I will go with whatever the majority wants.

Response #2: An outside company might have to be the solution. With teaching full time and a new baby I am already stressed to the max.

They are unclear on the concept. We need a treasurer NO MATTER WHAT. Let's say we hire an outside property manager (fairly foolish for a four-unit building, but whatever). We'd need to pay them, so we'd still have to manage a bank account. Plus, we'd have to AUDIT them, to make sure they are paying the bills correctly, not overcharging us, etc. So, even if we could off-load the maintenance, we still need a treasurer and a president and a secretary, etc., just as our bylaws require.

My response was a long-ish email where I stated:

  1. It would probably increase our fees by 50 to 100 percent to hire an outside company.
  2. I was not available to research, hire or manage such a company.
  3. The exact treasurer duties and the time it takes to carry them out (about two hours per month).
  4. That we need a treasurer even if we hire a property manager. Duh.

Lord, I hate these people. Ok, not hate, but I'm fed up with them. I went to tell TR. I didn't tell him why I was trying to resign and, luckily, he's not a terribly inquisitive person.

I said, "I'm trying to resign as treasurer of my condo association."

He laughed.

I gave him the details.

He said, "Basically, once you're treasurer, you can't resign. Remember Greg (a retired colleague)? He was treasurer of the fitness center here and he couldn't get out of it until he retired!"

I sighed. TR went home. I really need to tell him my plan. I'm nervous.

How can I continue to be treasurer? I refuse! How can someone use a full time job and/or a baby as an excuse not to take on such a relatively simple job? The third condo-mate who didn't respond coordinated all the most recent building repairs, so she is exempt. The two that did reply? As far as I know, the lady who is stressed to the max hasn't lifted a finger around the place--EVER. Is two hours a month too much to ask? Puh-leez! Can you blame me for hating them?

I need a new attitude.

Oh: one piece of good news. I have a prospective sublettor coming by the house tonight. He's a friend of mine and it would be PERFECT if this worked out. Wish me luck!

Grateful for: responsibility.

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