Thursday, February 21, 2008


The thinking, the thinking, it doesn't seem to end. Right now, I'm leaning strongly towards the option of the 6-12 month sabbatical in Paris. Fo' shizzle.

Ok, so this is how it would work. I would live off my non-retirement savings. Six months would leave me with plenty of savings left over; a year is pushing it. I would take a leave of absence from work and come back to my/a job. When I talk to whoever about leaving, I'll say that I intend to take a sabbatical and I'll also discuss my job dissatisfaction. Thus, we'll all know that I need a change at work when I come back, if I come back. I guess not coming back and finding a new job is an option, but how realistic is it?

Maybe I'll talk to some folks in "industry" and get their read on if I'd be an attractive job candidate after being out of the workforce for six months or more. That's really my main concern with the sabbatical option: my employment prospects afterwards. But it's what I really want to do (I think!).

So, besides doing some work at work today, I spent a bit of time doing the following:
  • Pricing flights to Paris in April for a recognizance trip.
  • Pricing apartments in Paris starting in June. (Why June and not May? I dunno.)
  • Pricing language schools in Paris (um, je ne parle pas fran├žais).
The whole "what to do with my condo thing" is a bit of an issue. And actually talking to folks at work about leaving will be awkward to say the least. Tabitha the cat will be coming with me, if at all possible.

Part of why I started thinking more about staying in my job, or at least in my workplace, is because I talked to my father. He seemed to think that I should consider staying. I was surprised. He also wanted me to tread lightly around TR so I would be sure to get a good recommendation. It's highly unlikely that TR would give me a bad recommendation. Work friend Nancy said it would be a real black mark for TR if I leave on his watch. Different perspectives, I guess. I don't know if Dad is worried about my future or likes the idea that I'm making a career where I am.

And, yeah, that's about all that's on my mind. Yeesh.

Grateful for: the chance to make a break.

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