Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That day

I'd decided that I was going to let you-know-what day pass without comment. I even had a funny retort ready if any one asked my plans, "Valentine's Day? What's that? Never heard of it."

Today, however, I got this in the mail:

It's the corniest, most sentimental card ever. The front reads, "Even before I held you in my arms, I held you in my heart." The inside text is, "That is where you began and where you will always be. I love you."

Also, in choppy handwriting is, "It's true. Happy V day -- Dad."

Aww. I love my dad.

For many years, both of my parents sent me Valentine's Day cards. It's more sporadic now but very much appreciated. I am so very lucky and grateful to have my parents. Their complete, unconditional love is something I wish every child, every person, in this world could have. It's what all children deserve. My parents aren't perfect but they did get that part right. I always felt protected, loved and appreciated as a child.

Seeing the card made me think about having kids--that I have a lot of love to give a child. It made me sad for a second because I don't know how long it will be before I even get the chance to try to have kids. While I want to have help in raising them, I won't marry or pair up with a man just for that purpose. I'd have to love him too. Then I thought, "Maybe the kid I'm waiting for will be adopted. And wouldn't that be equally good?" And it would be. I can wait.

I'll use this day to be grateful for the love and friendship I have in my life and for the opportunities I have to share love with other people. What am I doing on the actual day? Reading to kids and bringing them cookies. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Grateful for: love and my folks.

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