Monday, February 04, 2008


What to write, what to write…I think I’m getting blog-writing block. Just having a hard time letting the words flow. Lord knows I have enough to say. Yeesh.

I’m going to take it in snippets because that’s how I roll.

1. Way too much work to do at work. Dare I say it? I’ve been working all day. Just got a new project handed to me. That’s good even though the project is annoying. It will keep me busy and productive. Your tax dollars will be better spent.

2. Friday, I went out for drinks/dinner for work-friend, Nina’s, birthday. Fun, friendly group. I enjoyed myself. Sailor was there—it occurred to me that we met just about a year ago at Nina’s last birthday. Hrm. Anyway, he showed up late and I’d already had one stiff drink. One person was sitting between us and Sailor leaned behind that guy and said, “Hey, Jamy, are you hungry? Want to split something?” Oh, how my heart thrilled at the implied intimacy of those words! However, I was full of appetizers and hard alcohol. My response was a little slow, but still eager, “Sure! What do you want?” (We never did get any food.)

He said, “Are you ok? You seem tired.”

I said, quietly, “Well, actually, I’m a little drunk.

You should have seen Sailor’s face light up at my admission. “How much have you had to drink?”

“Just one. But I’m a lightweight. It really pays off.”

He just laughed. Over the course of the evening he seemed to delight informing others, “Did you know that Jamy is drunk!”

Wow! How could that be?!?!

I asked him why he seemed so surprised and he said he’d just never seen me drunk. I don’t think that’s true but maybe those other times the alcohol hadn’t gone to my head quite as quickly. Though, I wasn’t acting particularly silly on Friday. Or was I?

I haven’t gotten that reaction to my mild intoxication since college maybe, when all my friends (Mike in particular) were at pains to ply me with liquor and watch me get silly. Cause I was so damn serious!

And now? Am I still that serious? Well, generally, yes, I suppose and probably at work…but around Sailor I always feel like a blathering idiot. Talking too much, boring him and feeling generally ridiculous. But he sees me as—what? So self-contained and put together that the loosening effect of alcohol is remarkable?

Oh sigh. How un-far I’ve come.

3. Saturday I skipped soccer practice and hung out with Pele for most of the day. Lots of talking! That was good. I also built a low-tech lightbox to take pictures of yarn and finished projects. It’s pretty cool. I’ll get something posted (or linked to) eventually. And I cooked something for dinner. I let myself take a relaxing day at home and it was perfect.

4. Sunday, I played indoor soccer in the morning. Fun even though we lost. Can’t win ‘em all! Did a quick shop then home. Made some guacamole to bring to Super Bowl watching. On my way to Brad’s (Pele’s boyfriend) house, I stopped by the Arlington Recycling Center. Can I tell you how much I love this place? Goodbye cardboard boxes and lots of old telephone books!

5. The Super Bowl was awesome! I didn’t expect to enjoy the game as much as I did. Even though I was rooting for the Giants, I was stunned that they won. Might be one of the first Super Bowls I’ve watched that I actually remember.

6. So much for snippets.

Grateful for: friends, weekends and good games.

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