Friday, February 29, 2008


Remember back in December when I went up to New Jersey for a wedding and (sort of) caused my uncle to miss his son's (my cousin's) wedding ceremony?

Well, before going to the wedding, I bought the couple a rather expensive gift. My soon-to-be cousin-in-law sent me a nice thank you note almost immediately upon receipt. It's funny to get a thank you for wedding gift before the actual wedding, but it's perfectly proper and thoughtful.

After that, as you know, I went to the wedding. And missed the ceremony. I hung around for picture taking and went to the luncheon. After the luncheon, we went to the newlyweds' house and hung out there for a while. I enjoyed meeting the folks I didn't know and I had a good time.

Perhaps a week after I got back to DC, I got another thank you note from my now official cousin-in-law, thanking me for coming to the wedding and spending time with them.

I have to say, pretty classy, especially considering that they could have been rightly annoyed with me for screwing up the arrival of the father-of-the-groom. I've always liked my cousin's (now) wife and I do now more than ever.

In light of my little dust up with Mandy this week, it's good to keep the highest forms of courtesy in mind. In consultation with Mom and partially at her suggestion, on Thursday I left Mandy a thank you note for the flowers and candy. Honestly, I did not want to say "thank you" to her face. Something about the whole situation was terribly embarrassing and awkward. Mom actually provided the words for the card, which I used with only slight modification.

After she got the card, Mandy put her head in my office and said, "Thanks for the note! I wasn't sure if you'd like that kind of candy...if you like dark chocolate."

I said, "All chocolate is good."

Guess never speaking to her again is out, though I may limit myself to incomplete sentences. Heh. That would be amusing if I could pull it off. ("All chocolate good" or "Chocolate good. Mmmm.")

Last, step one of "Operation Paris" is complete: I purchased a plane ticket for a one-week visit in late April. It's a big step but since taking a sabbatical will involve something like a hundred steps, I don't feel too overwhelmed. If anything, I'm a little numb. But, if nothing else, I'm going to Paris in April! That's a decent vacation, indeed. Step two may be finding a place to stay for that week...which will depend on whether Mom is actually coming with me....

You know what step two will be? Telling the condo-mates they need to pick a new treasurer! That will be awesome even if I don't actually go anywhere.

Happy weekending, everyone. Mine, as usual, will involve a lot of soccer, some knitting and, as an extra special treat, dim sum on Saturday!

Grateful for: politeness and calm.

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