Monday, February 11, 2008


This weekend, I had another big list of chores…like every weekend! I should have put cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the house on the list but they will have to wait until next week. Instead it was finishing laundry, cleaning the other parts of the kitchen, and baking cookies.

Also on my list of to-dos was soccer practice on Saturday morning and indoor soccer on Sunday morning.

Saturday morning rolled around and I got up in plenty of time to make it to practice. But I just didn’t want to go. So I didn’t. I’ve been to one practice so far and they ran me around so much I was a wreck for the rest of the day. I need to practice, I have so much to learn about this game—but an hour of learning how to kick the ball and chasing down everyone else’s passes, either because of their poor aim or my poor fielding (or whatever you call it in soccer) followed by an hour of scrimmage? I just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead, I did my normal hibernating thing. I’ve said this before but I worry a little about how much time I spend alone in my house. I’d like to have a few more friends (that’s not news either) and I’m damn picky so it’s hard for me to make new friends. I can tell you one thing for sure: I’m not going to make any new friends by staying in the house all day. Still and all, I really enjoyed my day at home. I knit like a fiend, baked cookies, cleaned the back room, scanned (and edited) a million (20) photos, and watched a movie. I hardly felt guilty at all about missing soccer practice. It was a good, productive day and I liked being alone. Hey, maybe I’m meant to be a hermit. I should accept it.

Saturday evening, I went to TR’s party (a whole two blocks away from my house!). Everyone there was all coupled up but I enjoyed talking to some work folks and TR’s brothers, only one of whom I’d met before. The brother who’d I’d met before is TR’s fraternal twin (KR!) and, well, there was a moment years ago when I had a little crush on him. He lives on the west coast, so what can you do? I’d forgotten about it. On Saturday, he seemed very pleased to see me and I remembered the crush and I thought, “Ah, so it was mutual.” He’s a great guy and, while it might be bizarre to date TR’s brother, it would have been…comforting. However, KR has a girlfriend (I know from TR), he’s happy, and he lives far away. Still, it was good to have the feeling that he liked me too.

The party was fun, the food was excellent, and I drank just enough but not too much. I was home by 11pm. Woo hoo!

Sunday, the soccer game was a lot of fun, even though (or because?) we only had four players, which is the minimum. At the last minute, we recruited a goalie from one of the teams leaving the court, so we had five and could sub one. (The goalie played the whole game and saved our bacon over and over.) It was a much better work-out with just the five of us. Since I played a lot more, I actually improved slightly and got very tired. I’m pretty decent on defense, but offensively, well, best not to talk about that too much.

I went to my favorite coffee shop after the game where I meant to do some writing. Instead, I just fiddled on the computer and read some news. Blah. C-money sent me a text and we arranged to go to the movies later in the afternoon. I scooted home so I’d have time to shower. The movie (In Bruges) was so-so, but it was good to catch up with C-money. We had a bite to eat and I was home semi-early.

I would now like to introduce a NEW FEATURE to this blog. Recently, these “make my day” awards have been going around and I was named twice (thanks Diane and Dan-E!). I’m always touched and flattered when people tag me or honor me in these ways. However, I hate having to figure out whom to tag next—what if I forget someone? What if no one responds?

I’ve decided that every day I’ll put a link to one of my daily reads and tell you why I like it. I’ll only include active blogs (posts in the last month) and I’ll go in alphabetical order (more or less). Each blog will get its own post but may not be the only thing I post that day. I reserve the right to change any of these conditions. Oh, and it will go on until either I get sick of it or I finish the whole list. It could easily last for six months.

I also have an idea about doing a series on every job I’ve ever held. What do you think about that?

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