Monday, February 11, 2008

What I read (1): Arjewtino


Who he is: an early-thirties guy who is (believe it or not) a Jew from Argentina. After leaving Argentina as a youngster, he spent the rest of his youth in L.A., which has left its mark (Dodger's fan). He lives with his girlfriend, "The Princess," who strikes me as a very good sport. Arjew, as we like to call him, works hard as a government contractor type. He was also super nice to me after my last great break up. Break up? What break up?

Why I read: Smart, funny stories. He’s good writer and posts lots of pictures. The stories are generally personal with a heavy does of sports and humor. He could probably write a book—no, he should definitely write a book—but he’d need to pick a topic first. Or maybe a book of essays? It’ll be good, whatever he decides.

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