Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm a little bit in a dither because I'm traveling this week. As much as I like to travel—I particularly like the "in motion" portion of a trip, unless it's via airplane—I always get a little nervous before a trip. I have conflicting desires: taking a minimum of stuff and having everything I need. I usually manage with one small/medium rolling bag and a small backpack/book bag.

I recently purchased a new Marimekko bag and it just may be the perfect bag ever for this purpose (yes, I always say this—truth is, only time will tell). My only defense of the purchase was that it was on sale for almost half price. My hope is that it will replace several other similarly sized bags that I own and I will now be able to dispose of them. The bag is deceptively large, simple in design, secured by zippers and neither too fancy nor too plain.

Anyway, I'm off to New Jersey on Wednesday after work. I will most likely skip swing dance tonight. I would go otherwise but if I go tonight, when will I pack and sleep? I need to be home, too, the night before this trip. It will help me enjoy the weekend more fully.

And what will I be doing with my weekend? I'm not sure. The wedding will only occupy Thursday. I could come right home after, but I figure that since I'll be up there, I'll go ahead and make a weekend of it and have a real visit with the family. However, the family is very busy and I'm not sure how much time they'll have for me. More than none, so it's still worth it, but I figure, why not spend some time wandering in Manhattan? Sure, it'll be wicked cold, but I know how to layer, I can handle it.

Then it hit me, just what exactly do I plan to do in NY? I have no idea. I was there for a conference last summer and I hung out with friends and walked a fair bit. I can do that again (minus the friends).Maybe it's time for some super obscure movies, the East Village, a reading at a bar. No shopping (except for the window type). Well, I'd love a new wallet—if I can find a good one, I'll buy it. (NY is no guarantee of a good wallet, since that's where I got the current one.)

Let me ask you, other than the tourist stuff (museums, statues, etc.) and the big ticket stuff (shows, fine dining), what is your favorite thing to do in NY? What's your favorite neighborhood, coffee shop, quirky boutique? I may have up to two days to do anything I please in town and I'm ready for suggestions.

Grateful for: travel and New York.

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