Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Off I go

I have no idea why I'm nervous in the slightest about this trip. It's the easiest trip in my repertoire. No flying, a pleasant train ride and B1 (my eldest brother) to meet me at the station. I am renting a car on Thursday to drive to my cousin's wedding with Uncle Marty, but that's the only unusual transportation mode on this trip. Guess it means I can't get soused at the post-wedding luncheon. Shoot.

I was a bum about packing and only threw a couple of things at the suitcase last night. This morning, I packed in earnest and made myself much later than usual for work (that's fine, there's nothing pressing at work). I filled up my smaller suitcase and it just wasn't large enough for all I planned to take. So, I pulled out the marginally larger bag and repacked. I could barely manage packing at all, much less deciding what not to take. For this trip, everything goes.

I have a plan for Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Carol for suggesting the yarn stores. What a great idea! There are many yarn stores in the greater DC area, and I've visited exactly one so far (other than the one closest to me, of which I'm not overly fond)—but in NY, I can get to four very interesting ones that are less than a mile apart.

If I am going yarn shopping, I figure I need to focus in on some (potential) projects. I may or may not buy yarn, but it couldn't hurt to have something in mind. I have two friends who desire hats. I would like to make my father a really nice, luxurious and useful scarf for his birthday (end of February—there is time, but I have to start now). I want to make a sweater for myself, eventually, but I'm not ready for that yet. It's percolating. I'm still enjoying hats and scarves so I can stick with them for now. I want to successfully make a pair of knee socks that will stay up—I think that means I need yarn with elastic in it. (I made one knee sock—fit was ok, yarn was cool, but it did not want to stay up, even though I did the requisite calf shaping. Since it didn't come out right, I didn't make the second sock.)

While my plan is somewhat loose, I do have several things on the agenda. When I make a plan, I usually stick to it—I'm not terrible flexible post-plan making. But I like the plan because I actually take action rather than dither. Also, if I'm not enjoying it, I can ditch it.

Friday, I'll do daytime things, like visit yarn stores and see an art/cultural exhibit. Maybe get lunch or dinner and come home early.

Saturday, I'll go into the city later in the day, see an obscure movie and maybe catch a reading at a semi-obscure bar.

It feels strange not having friends in the city—and only one relative these days. I'm a little intimidated and feeling like a country mouse. I have no idea why! When I get to Manhattan, I always feel at ease. I love the vibrancy of the place as well as the grit and rush.

When B2 lived in Manhattan, I always longed for the chance to get out on my own and explore—not to be constrained by family obligations. This is a chance for that kind of experience but I'm more nervous than excited. I figure the excitement will come if I give it chance.

I don't plan on lugging my computer into Manhattan, and there's no wifi at B2's, so I expect I won't post again until Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Grateful for: adventure.

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