Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off and on

I have to say that all this working at work is cutting into my blogging time. In lieu of a better thought out post, here are some short notes on what's been going on with me:

a) Last Friday, I went out for dinner and music-listening with Pele and some friends. All night, I was a little "off." Things I said seemed to spark irritation rather than conversation. For example, I complained that my new co-ed sports team was made up of a group of strangers. One friend said, "What's wrong with that? If I were part of a team, I wouldn't want to get kicked off so strangers could join." I could see that she had a point, but I stuck to my guns. It wasn't exactly unfriendly, but it wasn't the most comfortable exchange either. What gives? Being right or wrong shouldn't matter in this context. Maybe it mattered a little too much to me.

b) Later the same evening, we went to listen to another friend DJ. Pele pointed out that the DJ was basically playing my record collection. I started to listen more closely and, indeed, I own the records (the actual vinyl LPs) for over 50% of the songs played. When his stint was done, I remarked to the DJ, "It was like you were playing my record collection!" He said, "Really? Great! If you have a party, I'll come over and spin." Now, it's not that I didn't appreciate the offer (it's kind of a cool idea) but it's not the reaction I expected. I thought he'd be impressed or offer me a compliment or ask about the records. I felt slightly disappointed but I'm not sure why.

c) Saturday morning, my outdoor soccer team had an informal practice. I rode my bike and managed to show up about 30 minutes late. The first thing someone said to me was, "You should take a lap to warm up—we all did." I said, "I'm warm, I rode my bike." I mean, really. It's practice. I rode my bike. Was I supposed to jog out of solidarity? My knees can't take that. Somehow I muddled through. And boy oh boy did I need the practice. I have about zero soccer skills and every little bit of drilling helps.

d) That night, I did nothing. I was tired from practice and had a game the next morning. My nothing involved moving books off shelves, doing all the bills, filing papers, knitting, watching football and cooking dinner. It was almost relaxing.

e) Sunday morning, I showed up early (on-time!) for my first co-ed indoor soccer game. It seemed easy compared to practice the previous day. While I'm not any better at this version of the game than outdoor, I did enjoy it and it's excellent exercise. The best I can say for myself is that I did nothing to cause major embarrassment. The teammates are friendly, and since we're all strangers, we're all on an equal footing. There's something to be said in favor of that. After the game I went grocery shopping. Can you spell excitement?

f) Monday after work I decided to go to this happy hour I've never been to sponsored by a group of which I'm a member. I went to the exact address on the email and the place wasn't there. I turned around and went home. Via some very minor internet detective work, I discovered that the place does exist, but the address they gave was one digit off: 2424 instead of 2524. Maybe next month!

g) Tuesday it was time for swing dance lessons again. Our last lesson (the place has been booked for other events the last three weeks) was the time I had the argument with one of my classmates. Last night, I worried about what would happen when faced with my "enemy." At first, I wasn't sure I'd recognize him but I sure did. He knew me too, at least I infer he did, because he very cleverly stood just to my right in the circle we form for class. By placing himself to my right, my enemy ensured that he'd dance with everyone else in the class before getting to me. In fact, our class is so large that we don't always make a full rotation. As it happened, my enemy and I never danced—one more rotation and we would have! Is he not the best enemy ever?

h) I enjoyed the non-class part of the evening due to a good band and a favorable ratio of competent to incompetent dancers. I danced with one fellow more than once and, for some reason, I told him my enemy story. Again, I was a little off. Oh well. CK was there too, which was great because I've been meaning to call her. We caught up and I told her about my enemy. She laughed and laughed. Triumph!

i) This morning, I got a call from an old grad school friend and she asked me to participate in a roundtable she is organizing for this year's professional association meetings. I gladly accepted and dashed off a very short "paper" (one page!) to reserve my space in her session. This is very good news because my name will be on the program and that's how I get my agency to pay for the trip. THEN I realized that the meeting is earlier than usual and that a good friend in Seattle is getting married the EXACT SAME WEEKEND. Well, damn. I don't know what I'm going to do about that.

k) In the interest of keeping work at the work place, that's it for today.

Grateful for: productivity.

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