Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Team

I'll take a break from my regularly scheduled complaint-fest to write about football.

I cannot tell you how much it pained me that the Redskins met the Seahawks in their first playoff game. My reaction? No, no, no!

I will admit that I'm more a Redskins than Seahawks fan at this point. Plus, the Redskins are the sentimental favorite. They have a murdered teammate to play for and it doesn't get much more powerful than that.

However, I hate to root against the Seahawks. Tonight, watching the game, I find myself rooting for the Redskins but never begrudging the Seahawks for their good plays and excellent defense.

I waited, waited for Todd Collins to come alive. Collins was the missing piece for this team. Because he knows what he's doing and the players trust him, the team has come together in a way they never did with Campbell at QB. Collins is solid, steady, reliable and he knows the plays backwards and forwards. Read the interviews with the other players--they compare him, with a straight face, to Peyton Manning. Campbell is a man with potential. Collins is a man at the peak of his potential and it's a beautiful thing to see him play. Most of flubs and errors in the game cannot be ascribed to him. He hit the patterns, he stood unflinching in the pocket, took the hits and didn't show any fear or hesitation on the next play. He is my hero!

I also love the way he's brought everyone into the game. It used to be the Campbell and Cooley show. Now it's Portis, Randel-El, Moss, Betts, AND Cooley. It's wide open and as long as the receivers can run their patterns, Collins can hit them. Awesome.

Except they lost. Dammit.

I guess I'll be following the Seahawks to the next round, but I don't feel great about it.

Grateful for: football.

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