Friday, January 18, 2008


Is it wrong to show pictures of your friend's baby on the internet?

I hope not.

The other day, my Dutch friend, Piet, sent me that pic of his older child. A while ago, he sent me a pic of his new baby wearing the hat I made for him. This time, his daughter is wearing the hat I made for her. The best part of the message is that Piet said she wouldn't take the hat off when they got inside. Can you blame her?

As part of my exchange with Piet, I asked if he remembered another email conversation we had a long time ago. I'd sent him an article related to it. In return, he sent me a copy of our original email from 1997. Damn. So, I'm not the only one who saves everything. Good to know.

On Wednesday, I went to the blogger meetup. I've been feeling "off" and a tad anti-social but I decided to go anyway. I also decided not to push it--not to make too much of an effort. Hmm…that sounds bad. But I didn't want to trip all over myself not saying the right thing or annoying folks, so I mostly kept quiet, asked a few questions, answered a few questions and tried to smile.

Joe took this awesome pic of my extra-long cuffs:

He couldn't look away but I'd never given them any thought. I'm more fascinated by the stripedy nature of the shirt. I do love my black and white stripes.

What else? Tonight, I was walking home from work, making a call on my cell phone and a lady in a car starts talking to me. I'm in the middle of leaving a freakin' message lady! It's ok, I gave her directions anyway. What can you do?

What I seem not to be able to do is post regularly. I don't know. Is it time for a hiatus? Ugh. As soon as I say I'm taking a break, I'll start posting like crazy.

This has been a good week at work but my dedication waned as the weekend approached. I had a big deadline, I met it, but now all the other deadlines are "soft." Even so, I got a few small projects off my plate and I even volunteered for a semi-academic task that is suspiciously like editing (hey, I'm good at it by now, at least) but a good deal more intellectually stimulating.

I will keep trying to work at work. But an average blog takes about an hour to write. I might be able to work that in too.

I guess the upshot is that I'll keep posting when I feel like it, which will be more than once a week but considerably less than daily. I hope you'll stick around. I'm pretty sure that if I ever date again, I will write about it and post a lot more. But if I never date again…well, maybe I'll find something else equally interesting to write about.

Grateful for: friends and patience.

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