Sunday, December 30, 2007


I hate New Year's Eve. If you've been reading right along, you know this. For all my smug non-stress about Christmas, I am completely, always, stressed out by New Year's. I can count my truly enjoyable NYE celebrations on one hand…one finger, actually. I can count my non-miserable ones on two hands. And, on the third hand, the miserable ones. The misery is borne from completely unreasonable expectations of kisses, new loves and excitement. I've never wanted to be in Times Square, but I have wanted to be at drunken, debauched parties. I have always wanted a kiss at midnight with someone I loved. As much as I don't want to want those things, I want those things.

This year, I had nothing, no plan, no party, only a request from TR to babysit. Damn. Was it really that bad? I try not to make big plans for New Year's since I'm sure to be disappointed. The smaller the plans, the smaller the potential disappointment. But this year…Pele wasn't free and I didn't pursue arrangements with other friends. Why not? Laziness? You tell me.

Then Pele got free and we're going to do something with a small group. A games night or some such. That's fine by me. I'm still sick (almost better), I don't particularly want to go out (that way lies disappointment), but I don't want to babysit (the humiliation!) either.

I'm relieved and happy and not feeling like such a loser. If I get to hang out with Pele, her boyfriend, a few other folks, play games and drink champagne at midnight, I'll be happy (enough).

Something that made me genuinely happily was watching the Redskins win today. The only problem is that the first team they meet in the playoffs is the Seahawks. Argh! Stupid conflicting loyalties.

Last, the third anniversary of this here blog was yesterday. Three years, 869 (!) posts and still going strong…or at least still going.

I'm grateful for the friends who've been reading since the beginning and for the virtual and real friends I've made along the way. I'm also grateful for the other blogs that entertain me and the comments that make me feel appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting and befriending me. It means more than I could possibly express.

Grateful for: the blog and friends.

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