Friday, December 21, 2007

Good news/bad news

Good news: I met a man who wants to have my baby. He finds me fascinating, beautiful without makeup, thinks I appear ten years younger than my actual age, am mechanically inclined, and have great teeth.

Bad news: he's the marginally homeless and possibly alcoholic man who wanders my block.

At least he's nice and friendly. He also told me that he, "used to be bad, but now I'm good. I believe in Jesus. I know you do too."

That got a big smile and a blank look from me. I do not believe in Jesus.

He said, "I know you're good. You believe in God."

Again, I smiled and nodded. I gave a little neutral "uh-huh," which is about where I am with the whole God thing.

The real good news is that the water I've noticed leaking from the camper for the past several days is coming from the reserve tank for the sink. That's why the marginally homeless guy thinks I'm mechanically inclined. He saw me out on the street, down on the ground, with my arm stretched under the van.

I felt around where the leak was coming from and found a cap. When I unscrewed it, a huge rush of water came out. That's great because I didn't actually know how to empty the reserve tank, other than via the little sink, which was the opposite of efficient. Now, the next time I plan to cross the Rockies, I can dump the extra water before starting the climb.

We're done with work early today (no surprise) and get Monday and Tuesday off. Awesome! I'm geared up to start my movie watching tomorrow. Tonight will be hanging out with Pele and possibly disassembling my sofas in order to get the slip covers off. That is my idea of X-mas fun: washing my sofa's slip covers. What? You had something else in mind? Don't worry, this non-Christian also bought herself loads of X-mas priced clothing and yarn. I never stint this time of year!

I'll be wishing you more happy merries, but, for now, enjoy your weekend!

Grateful for: mechanical inclination.

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