Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Go, go, go

On advice of colleagues, my mini-crisis at work is over. I'm not applying to the leadership development program because it will almost certainly be a waste of my time. If I do decide I want to advance, there will be other avenues. A more serious problem is my work relationship with TR. I just don't have sufficient respect for him as a boss. He doesn't delegate and he can only imagine doing most things one way—his way! That is a big problem for me. Others in the division are happy with him so some of this is simply a style difference. And the respect thing. I have to figure out how to manage him and myself so that we can work together productively. We only have conflict when he's telling me what to do. When he asks for my advice, we're dandy. I really am a bad employee—but I was so good for Larry! One's boss makes so much difference. Sigh.

Enough about tiresome work. In contrast to last week's breakable obligations and many sick days, this week is a whirlwind of activity. I'm out every night through Sunday. I wonder if I'll make it?

Tonight, I have a swing dance lesson. I missed the first lesson last week so I'll be playing catch up. These lessons can be hard and since I haven't been dancing frequently, I'll be clumsy. I'm going to try and relax and not pressure myself to be "perfect." I'll have fun and do the best I can. I'm going home after work to grab a quick bite and then drive to the venue. The lesson lasts until nine and I could stay for dancing until midnight. Hmm…home by eleven is probably reasonable.

Tomorrow, I'm out of the office all day for a conference. In the evening, I'm ushering. Because of the location of the meeting and the ushering, I'll drive the van in the morning and park it near my office. I'll metro to the meeting and back, walk to ushering and drive myself home at the end of the evening. It's nice to have a car. In this case, the drive in the morning will save me about an hour or more of metro time.

Thursday is similar to Wednesday. It's the second day of the conference. Again, I'll drive the van and park near the office and metro to the conference. I have to leave the conference as soon as it ends, take the metro back to the van and then drive to the place where I'm doing a volunteer activity. It saves a lot of time to park the van near work and metro there instead of leaving it at home. Luckily, the volunteer event only lasts for an hour so I'll be home in plenty of time to watch football. Whew.

Friday I have an all-day meeting in Arlington. No van driving necessary! In the evening, I've agreed to go to a cocktail party at neighbor's place. I think they are going to try and sell me something. Turns out, the SEASON FINALE blogger happy hour is the same night! What should I do?

Saturday, I think I'll be cleaning—or at least tidying—the housing in the morning. In the early evening, I'm picking a friend up at BWI and in the later evening I'm going to a party of mystery. It's a party of mystery because I am not acquainted with the person who invited me. Luckily, I've recruited a friend to join me. If the party of mystery is simply boring, we'll find something else entertaining to do!

Sunday, I think I'll be resting.

Oh, and wait until I tell you what's happening next week! I'll save the details for later, but it's not nearly as crazy. I'm only busy on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And maybe Sunday.

Gotta love the holiday season. I'm glad I got my sickness out of the way last week because I don't have time to be sick again until the end of the month. Maybe I should pencil that in….

What's good about this week is all the time I get to spend out of the office. It's nice to mix it up. I hope the conference is interesting—but even if it's not, I can write notes to myself or daydream. I must try not to fall asleep. That's bad. If it's too boring, I can sneak away early and go back to the office…or not. Today, though, I need to make sure I get everything sewn up that needs attention before Monday, because I won't be here to deal with it. That's going ok so far.

Not sure at all about posting this week. It may or may not happen. But you're used to that by now, aren't you? At least I have a good reason this week: I'm busy. Funny how laziness and busyness have almost the same effect on my blogging. Heh.

One thing is for sure, though. If somewhere in this week of dancing, ushering, volunteering, conferencing, meeting, driving and partying I meet the man of my dreams/fall into lust with a cute guy, I will make time to write about it. Some things never change.

Grateful for: busy times.

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