Saturday, December 22, 2007


Accomplished today:
Partial disassembly of sofas in order to remove slipcovers
Washed/dried sofa slipcovers
Placed slip covers back on sofa
Reattached backs and arms of sofa
Paid bills
Balanced personal and condo accounts
Vacuumed living room
Washed four loads of laundry
Created a "knitting box" in the living room--now knitting supplies are organized and hidden!
Made soup
Folded and put away clean clothing/linens
Took pictures of all knitting projects, complete and in progress
Uploaded pics

Not accomplished:
Movie watching
Leaving the house

I should leave the house…but it's cold out there. And dark. Dark and cold. Brrr.

However, since this is a four-day weekend (awesome!), I still have three more days in which I can go to the movies, take walks, drink coffee and enjoy myself without worrying about lots of undone chores. I have more laundry to fold and a little filing, but I'm in pretty good shape.

Also, and this is a very cautious report, but Tabitha the cat and I seem to have reached d├ętente over the issue of sleeping arrangements. She has a bad habit of waking me up very early in the morning. I kick her out of my room but she bangs and bangs at the window (I have interior windows in my bedroom)--sometimes for up to an hour--until I finally get out of bed.

I used to open the window in frustration, to make her stop, but then she'd just pace around knocking things over and make it impossible for me to go back to sleep.

I made a decision to never, under any circumstances, open the window in response to her banging. I've stuck with it for months. It's been tempting to let her in to get her to stop, but I've held strong through many mornings of hour-long sessions of paws on glass

Sometime in the last week, she stopped. I noticed that she left the room, I closed the window and she didn't come knocking. The other day, she left, came back into the room and went back to sleep--she did it without waking me, so there was never any need to close the window.

Last night, I went to bed late (another reason to stay in today!) and wanted to sleep late. Tabitha left the room and I closed the window behind her. She never banged! Not once! I slept for another three hours, completely undisturbed.

My liking of Miss Tabitha is restored. I always loved her, but like? Only inconsistently. What a good kitty.

Oh, except for her daring escape this morning when I opened the door for the Orkin man. I declined to chase her and less than half an hour later, I opened the door and called her and she came running. Ok, danger kitty, you're excused this one time.

Grateful for: a day full of accomplishments and rest.

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