Thursday, December 27, 2007


Still sick but I had to drag myself into work today. I actually had work to do. Blah.

I got some work done, had lunch with Nancy, and obsessively read a new-to-me blog. I didn't think I still had the patience for that…

Remember I mentioned that annoying leadership-training program that I wasn't going to apply for? Well, they pushed the deadline and I'm going ahead and applying. Application is due tomorrow. I have a total phobia about applications. I know everyone hates them but I've always felt a little retarded about applying for things because I never filled out college applications (long story).

I got over it--I applied for my current job, I've applied for jobs and I'm almost done applying for a leadership-training program in which I don't really want to participate. Keeping my options open. After the last deadline passed, Larry (my old boss) called me and some of my other co-workers in and encouraged us to apply. Don't have to tell me twice.

The application is super annoying because you have to list all your good qualities but not sound vain. My tendency is to underplay my good qualities so the issue is more figuring out how to say enough good stuff.

Hey, I'm the person who wanted to leave my first job as "shipping clerk" on my resume because I dig the blue-collar implications. I can also list "van driver." But, jobs that occurred more than 20 years ago have now been expunged (by that rule, I may still include "van driver" but it's not relevant to my current career options).

So, tomorrow, no matter what, I'll drag myself to the office and finish the darn application. I'll remind myself that I don't have to accept the position if it's offered but I do need to give myself the option.

Last, I finally called my mom tonight. We had a good, friendly conversation. She was in good spirits and that made me happy. I feel much better, more relaxed and relieved to be able to have long, interesting conversations with Mom again.

Now I'm going to relax a little before going to sleep. A long day, this has been.

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