Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Another day home sick. Not to complain, but when will this end? Tomorrow! Unless I have a high fever, I'm getting out and going to work. Not that I have tons of work to do but what I do have is of the kind that will best be accomplished in a very quiet office.

Yesterday was knitting, dvd watching, napping and eating. I didn't actually eat much--egg and toast for breakfast, soup for lunch, popcorn for dinner and lots of tea. Please complement me on my extremely healthy diet. Ha. My reduced appetite is a surer sign than the sniffles and sneezing that I'm actually sick. I generally have a hearty appetite and a craving for dessert. Not yesterday or today. Weird.

Anyway, currently on the dvd is the first disc of The Saint series. Have you heard of it? I used to watch it with my grandma when I visited her in Florida. It stars Roger Moore, in his pre-Bond days. It was the opinion of my grandmother (and mother) that Moore was good in this as opposed to the Bond flicks. "He was too clean. Bond needs to look like he can get dirty. But Moore was perfect for The Saint." Indeed.

The show isn't as good as I remembered. The acting (other than Moore) is wooden and the situations are far-fetched but it looks good (I'm enchanted by the hot pink coat the female lead wears in the first episode) and it is entertaining. And young Roger Moore? He's quite the fox.

Grateful for: good shows.

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