Friday, November 16, 2007


I can't explain why, but this was a productive week at work.

I have no pressing work, which is usually a recipe for large piles on my desk and a very full inbox. When there are no deadlines, no one waiting for anything, no reason to do anything—I usually do nothing.

This week, I started to buck that trend. Not that I wasn't still goofing off, reading your blogs, writing my travelogue (the final part is almost ready to go!), and otherwise amusing myself—but all that nonsense was interspersed with real, actual, productive work.

I know! It's crazy!

Just today, I cleared most of the junk off my desk. I recycled lots of paper. And that pile of reading I should do? Some of which has been sitting there for close to two years? I started reading it! I'm going to read or skim everything in that pile and throw it away or file it by…hmm…not sure by when. By the end of the month? Sure, why not. I've decided that now is the time to do all work-relevant reading. I even got knitting done this week, while reading. (Need to find simple knitting projects, though. The complicated ones are too distracting.)

I do have one semi-pressing thing to do: develop an RFP (request for proposal or, more specifically, a Statement of Work) for a new project. The first draft isn't due until January or February, so it can hold for another week or two. But, I will get started on that soon, honest.

A bit of work place hilarity: we are officially being moved to "systems furniture." That means cubicles. It sucks, but we can't do much about it since this has been department policy for ages. We've just been lucky enough to avoid it, but our much beloved Assistant Secretary volunteered us to be next. Sweet!

This week, we had meetings between the staff and the officials in charge of implementing the cubicles. Before the meeting, some written questions and answers were circulated. I swear, these people are politicians because they didn't answer a single question! Check it out:

Q: Overall, how much will our space be reduced?

A: The square footage allocated to your organization is based on an analysis of your overall space requirements and established standards. Once we have received and analyzed these requirements they will be incorporated into a plan.

Translation: We know, but we won't tell. Because that would be telling!

Q: Will the standard for [our office] be distinct from other program offices?

A: Any need for a distinctive or unique work station will be determined from the task analysis and space requirements package.

Translation: No.

Q: If a person has an ergonomic chair now, can they have it with new furniture?
Translation: Can I keep my current chair?

A: An ergonomic chair is a standard component of the work station design.
Translation: No.

I love these people. If I'd only gone to one meeting and heard one set of answers, I'd think it were lousy, but I wouldn't think they were lying. However, some of our supervisors have been to multiple meetings and the same questions get different answers every time. Love it, love it, love it. I need to get into management because it is the most ridiculous, absurd thing ever. I do love my absurdist humor.

Have a great weekend everyone. Type to you soon.

Grateful for: getting things done.

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