Friday, November 30, 2007


On the agenda for tonight is a party.

As you know, I've been sick. Not a raging fever with flu-like symptoms, but a congested, fatigued, headached kind of sick. Sick enough to miss most of work this week.

Which begs the question, should I go to the party tonight?

The obvious answer is "no."

But…there's always a but.

But, I've been cooped up in the house most of the week. I haven't had a real life conversation with anyone in three days out of five. I'm lonely and bored.

The IM has been good and probably kept me from falling much farther into self-pitying than I usually do when ill. Also, I've had this strong desire to stay home ever since the days got short, so the sick timing was good.

So, let's see—on the pro side, I should go to the party because I would like to socialize, I've been alone all week, the rest of the weekend is free so I can rest then, I like parties, and it will probably be fun.

On the con side: I'm still not 100%, I should rest, my throat hurts so I can't talk very much, I might infect people, it's cold outside, and it might not be fun.

I know I don't have to drink or dress up. I know I can come home early if I'm not enjoying myself. I know if when I get home, I collapse, I don't have to go. But I still can't decide. Hrmf.

Hope all of you are feeling better than me. It's almost time to go home but I could fall asleep right now. That does not bode well for the party plan, does it? The good news is that next week is an almost non-stop series of holiday parties, so this won't be my last chance.

Grateful for: party opportunities.

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