Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Best and worst

I think I've filled my angst quota for the rest of the year (famous last words), so this will be a short post preceded by some housekeeping. If you don't link to me or read via RSS, you can skip the first part.


A while ago, I acquired a new domain name for the blog. While "" will still get you here, it will redirect you to "". If you link to me, for which I am very grateful, I would appreciate it if you changed your link to the new address:

When you have a chance! No rush!

If you read via RSS, make sure you're picking up only best and brightest feed. That would be: This way, if I change the underlying feed, you'll never know.


As you know, I have a few other blogs. Except for the one composed of sporadic movie reviews, they are static and merely hold very long stories or are travelogues (see sidebar links if you're interested). About three weeks ago, I received a comment on one of the three entries in The worst dates in the world blog. Since I found the comment hilarious, I thought I would share it with you:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The second bad date":

Why would you waste that much time with some loser guy??? Are you masochistic? Both guys you wrote about were "odd" to say the least. Your accounts were very boring. Is that what blogging is like? Yikes, I will avoid that.
Why is the comment so funny? Mostly because he's (I assume it's a he) trying to teach me some kind of lesson while commenting on very old news. The "worst dates" blog hasn't been updated since 2004, when all three of the bad dates chronicled occurred. The "worst dates" blog was my first attempt at writing in this forum.

I will now explicate and answer the comment.

Why would you waste that much time with some loser guy? I didn't waste much time with any of the guys about whom I wrote. I write about three bad dates with three different guys. I only went out once with two of the guys so I didn't consider it a big waste of time (a mistake perhaps, but not a waste of time). It may be that some of these were a date too far…but that's how I always make sure that I'm right in rejecting someone.

Am you a masochist? Damn. That cracks me up.

Your accounts were very boring. Not boring enough to stop you from leaving a comment, apparently. Given the ratio of comments to readers (few to many), it's astonishing that someone who was bored would leave a comment. Thanks for taking the time!

Is this what blogging is like? Well, no. It's what three very short stories are like. It's only a blog in the sense that it's on the internet. It will never be updated. Unlike a blog.

Comments are so interesting. I love comments, of course. I appreciate kind, friendly comments the most. I can understand the comments that dole out constructive criticism, though I don't enjoy them as much. I get that readers are trying to be helpful and almost everyone means well.

But what I will never understand are the (admittedly rare), mean-spirited, critical comments. If you don't like what I'm doing, why would you need to tell me? Why do such readers keep reading?

These days, I get few negative comments--and I consider myself lucky. Even when people don't whole-heartedly endorse my actions (which would be weird), the comments are pleasant in tone and not personal attacks. It's ok to tell me you disagree with my actions; it's not ok to tell me I'm stupid or a bad person. So, we're cool, and I appreciate the feedback and I'm grateful for the friendly tone.

I'm also grateful that when I get these oddball comments I'm much more likely to laugh than cry (or become incensed).

Grateful for: comments and readers.

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