Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Long time

I'm sorry for not writing sooner.

Remember the days when we wrote letters on paper? (Of course you do!) Remember how many times we started a letter with those words?

I'm sorry for not writing. I enjoy writing and I miss it when I don't. I hope you are still reading and thanks for your patience.

It's been an eventful weekend, what with Spesh staying with me. He has tons friends here and not enough time to see them all. I'm a little jealous of all these friendships and I wish Spesh were here to bolster my social life. Then again, I'm picky about who I spend my time…so maybe I'm not jealous of the reality, but rather the idea of having lots of friend. I like that idea!

Spesh and I are a good time together, not getting on each other nerves (thanks to lack of constant cell phone talking), and generally enjoying the hanging out that we've done. One moment of our visit stuck out, though, so that's the story I'm going to tell.

We had breakfast with Diego on Sunday. I was telling them about SL and they were making fun of me (in a nice way). Then, one of them asked, "Did you have sex with him?"

I was shocked! "No! Of course not!"

"Why 'of course not'?" Spesh said. Diego echoed him.

"I don't like him enough, that's why! Isn't it obvious?"

They laughed at me and we moved on to other topics.

I didn't mind the question but it was funny since, if I were sleeping with the guy, I would have had much kinder things to say about him. I hope.

Being with those two guys reminded me of a conversation I had with two other guys years ago.

In college, I had two very good friends, Mike and Shawn. We hung out all the time, spent New Year's Eves together and are still friends. These guys loved to tease me about sex because I was the least experienced of all our friends. Shawn used to call me a prude and encourage me to have (more) sex because it was fun and I would enjoy it. Mike encouraged me to have sex (with him) too. They knew me before I had sex for the first time and I think we all sort of expected things to stay like that forever. But they didn't. And, after my "first time" I had to figure out a way to tell them about it.

We were having pizza one day at the Hungry U (not sure if it still exists). Shawn was teasing Mike about a girl. I was telling Shawn not to tease him. I said, "You can't just ask him if he had sex with her! That's rude!" (Guess I haven't changed very much.)

Mike said it was fine. I said, "Would you ask me that?"

"Sure I would."

"Ok, ask then." And he asked. And I answered, "Yes."

The whole mood changed. They stopped smiling and laughing and teasing. In a low, quiet voice, Mike said, "Really? How was it? Was it ok?" But what he meant was, 'Are you ok?'

"It was fine. We went to breakfast."

"You went to breakfast? That's good. Good. So, he's…you like him."

"Yes, I like him. I like him a lot."

I love that Mike and Shawn cared that much about me. It's clear that if I'd said a bad word about the guy, they would have…well, not beaten him up, but yelled at him or, at the very least, taken my side. They were looking out for me. That's a really good feeling.

It's good to know that I still have guys like that in my life. I'm lucky.

Grateful for: my best guy friends.

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