Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm back

Who wants to hear about a boring old cross-country drive when you could be entertained by ridiculous stories of non-dating?

Yes, yes, I will write about the trip. I have some notes and, in all likelihood, they'll go up without much embellishment. I also have a very few pictures and a few of those will be worth posting. Ideally, I'll put together one or two or three pictorial-type posts. That's what the weekend is for!

Ok, so, to the non-dating stories. First, SL (Spanish lessons guy). I'd like to assure you that he is not dangerous nor is he a player. He's stayed in touch with me by email and phone regularly throughout my trip. He even emailed me today.

He's also calling me "baby."

Now, there was a time when I had a boyfriend who called me "baby" and I didn't like it one bit. At first. Then, I realized, I did like it, even though my initial reaction was negative. So, I know that if my boyfriend calls me "baby" it's fine and I like it and I don't find it patronizing.

But when a guy I've only met twice, kissed briefly and talked to on the phone a few times starts calling me baby, I have to wonder, "What is up with that?" I also have to think that he wants to be my boyfriend. (Scarier thought: he thinks already is my boyfriend.)

SL also insists on coming to my soccer game on Saturday. For a variety of reasons (including a memorial service), it turns out I'm not going to soccer on Saturday. Even if I were, I wouldn't want SL to come. I'm bad at soccer and I don't want him calling me baby when he's NOT my boyfriend in front of a bunch of women I barely know. That won't do.

In response to his email today, I said that I wasn't going to the game but maybe we could do something else. Next time I do have a game, I'll tell him I don't want him to come. I have a tendency to give in to the steamroller because I expect people to pick up on my hints of "no" and avoid having to actually say "no." But, baby, this calls for a real "no."

If that were my only non-dating story, I would have gone with a post about the trip, but I have one more to share. I've only exchanged a couple of brief emails with this fellow via the free-site, but I like him and I think it would be fun to meet. So, just today, I wrote to him and said (among other things), "We should have coffee sometime--what do you think?"

What would you expect his response to be? Take a second and think it over. If you're like me, you were not expecting this, "Love to!" And a bunch of stuff completely unrelated to getting together.

I responded (not asking for specifics, but mentioning coffee again) but I'm done with him unless he takes a little initiative.

Where is the happy medium between "Love to!" and SL's insistence on seeing me play soccer?

Perhaps it's the other guy I'm emailing with. He's done nothing but be reasonable and friendly, so I don't have much to say about him. We'll see how long that lasts.

Grateful for: home.

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