Monday, October 29, 2007


Ways in which last week wasn't ideal:
  • Someone close to my family died.
  • I had to write a condolence card.
  • The camper didn't pass inspection (non-functioning back-up lights).
  • Spesh slept on the floor in my room for two nights, ensuring I did not sleep well.
  • As soon as Spesh left, my father arrived, meaning that I won't be alone in my own house for almost a week.
  • My revisions to a report were met by hostility from the contractor who originally wrote it (details: they turned in unpublishable work, I made it publishable, they didn't like my changes, they sent a "nasty" letter to my boss's boss (my old boss!), everyone here took my "side").
  • My old boss and new boss thought I'd freak out about the contractor. Annoying.
  • I was calm but it was troubling and it made me question my work, just a little.
  • My new boss, TR, did my performance evaluation—which was fine.
  • But he marked one item (out of eight) as less than perfect.
  • When I went to talk to him about it, with the door open, he asked me to close the door.
  • Instead of doing that, I said, "I'm too tired for this!" And walked out.
  • Whoops.
Ways in which this week will be better:
  • Soccer was canceled on Saturday, which meant I could sleep in, knit and get the house ready for Dad. I also did a monstrous amount of laundry. I feel good about the house, which makes it easier to have a guest.
  • TR isn't mad at me and asked me to be on a stupid but potentially important committee.
  • I've only snapped at Dad once and I get to spend the whole day at work "alone."
  • Mostly I am getting along with Dad.
  • Dad and I are meeting Pele for a nice dinner tonight.
  • I'm finalizing the disputed report and the higher ups are dealing with the annoying contractor.
  • I'm still tired but I'm sleeping fine.
Grateful for: time with Dad and my colleagues.

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