Thursday, October 25, 2007

Early riser

I couldn't write yesterday because I had to work at work—all day! I know, shocking.

I'm distracted by thinking of all the chores I have to do at home in anticipation of a visit by Spesh (he's back for one night—arrives tonight at midnight) followed by a visit by my dad on Saturday. For Spesh, I could shirk on the cleaning, but not for Dad. I may not actually be on the run, but I'm on the run in my mind.

I still want to post a few words about my cross-country drive, but that seems like too much work—it certainly is for today. And given that my weekend is 100% non-stop, I'm not sure when it'll happen. Annoying.

Also, I'm sad, because one of my dad's oldest friends, Ron, just died. They were in the army together, we used to have thanksgiving at their house (when we still lived on the East Coast), and my mom and Ron tried to set me up with one of his sons. Ron and his family are like my family and I know my dad must be hurting. It also makes it not the best time for Dad to visit, but we had no idea. (Dad's reason for visiting? His wife is out of town and he needed to use up some frequent flyer miles. Nice.)

Most of you don't know this (because I haven't told you), but I don't use an alarm clock. I'm also chronically late to work. I should get in no later than 9:30, but, more often than not, I straggle in around 9:40 and sometimes not until 10. There is no excuse for this because, even without an alarm clock, I wake up at 6:30am as long as I'm in bed by midnight. The built-in-cat alarm helps too.

Usually, I get out of bed, take the cat food out of the fridge (she pukes if it's not room temperature and microwaving doesn't help), pee and then go back to bed. This is a bad idea because I don't wake up again until 8 or 8:30 and if I leave the house any later than 9, I'm late.

Yesterday, when I woke up at 6:30am I decided to stay up. So, what happens when I get up at 6:30am instead of 8:30am? Am I two hours early for work? No, not at all. Instead, I spend two hours cleaning the house and barely make it in by 9:30, per usual. But, hey, at least I was productive.

Last night, I did some closet-clearing, which was a complete distraction from the sofa-vacuuming that is the highest thing on the chore list. Argh. I hate vacuuming more than anything other chore but even with the advent of the robot vacuum cleaner (did I mention that I got one?), I still have to use the regular vacuum for some jobs. It must be done TONIGHT. And it will. I might have to leave work early, though, so I have enough time to relax and clean.

Tomorrow might even be a sick day. I'd take a real day off but I don't have enough leave for that. Sigh.

I feel like apologizing for the lameness of this post. Bear with me and we'll get back to the regularly scheduled dating angst soon enough. Oh, and the good news is that I haven't heard from SL again…so keep your fingers crossed that he stays away for good. That is drama I do not need.

Grateful for: a clean house (soon).

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