Friday, October 19, 2007

Duty calls

I would have written earlier but I was busy knitting a hat. Oh, and going to jury duty. No, seriously, jury-f'ing-duty.

Those of you who started reading recently may not know that, earlier this year, I served on a federal jury for eight weeks.

Eight weeks.

TR said, "You better not get selected!"

I said, "I'll do my best!"

In fact, I was not selected and I didn't have to make any excuses. I was called into a courtroom and after a few preliminaries, given a two-hour lunch break. I used some of the time to go shopping. I didn't find pants (argh) but I did get another item of striped clothing. I tell you, those b&w horizontal striped tops are for me!

All through the court time, I was knitting. I'd decided to give myself a break from the scarf making (four down, two to go, both very close to completion) and make a hat. Hats are faster. I can make a hat in a day or so. In fact, I was in the throes of finishing the hat when Pele picked me up for dinner. She was forced to sit and watch and see the finished product. Which was…ugly. I tried it on and it just didn't work. So I ripped it out. This was the first time I've ripped out a completed project. It was satisfying.

Today, using the same yarn, I knit a new hat. It's much better. Not the greatest hat in the world, but a good hat that I will wear. The next hat will be even better since this is only the fourth one I've ever made.

Oh, right, so what happened with jury duty? After I returned from lunch and resumed knitting, the potential jurors were being called to speak to the judge. It was almost my turn when the judge told us they had enough folks for a panel and the rest of us could go home.

And I did. And I knit. Then I went to dinner with Pele and the waiter, who was gorgeous, flirted with me like crazy. I need to go back to that place.

Also, on Wednesday, I had a date with a guy. Good, smart, cute guy--no spark. Probably no second date.

I have a soccer game on Saturday morning followed by a date with the reasonable guy I mentioned in a past post. We're having dim sum and I'm afraid I'm looking forward to that more than the date itself.

I'm tired. Talk to you later.

Grateful for: my new hobby.

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