Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So sleepy

So, so tired. Is that because I went to bed too late, didn't sleep well or overdid it yesterday? You got me.

This week, the gym/exercise thing is going well. I went on Monday. The plan was 16 minutes of cardio plus upper-body weights and shoulder physical therapy (PT) exercises. I started with five minutes warming up on the treadmill, then the weight routine. I was weak--literally. I could not do as many reps as last week with the same weights. I went down a pound or two where appropriate and completed fewer reps in other cases. So lame! I did my full PT regime (or the part that is doable in the gym) and then I just stopped and skipped the cardio. By my rules, it still counts.

The plan for Tuesday was yoga (at the gym) followed by kickball and a walk home. I did all three! Kickball even required mild exertion because I got on base the two times I kicked and even ran for a few extra bases each time. Plus, I fielded the ball a few times. It was like, you know, actual exercise. The walk home was mild, of course, being broken into three sections (work to field, field to bar, bar to home). I participated in a couple of rounds of the drinking game for the first and only time this season. I looked wistfully at the one and only appealing (to me) guy on our team and swore unaccountably at my super-earnest and very likable officemate.

During the walk from the field to the bar, my phone rang. I didn't pick up but the caller left a message. The caller was the "salsa" guy who I'm supposed to have coffee with tonight. He was calling to confirm. I really, really, really didn't want to call him back. When I got home, I didn't call. But when it was nearly 10pm, I forced myself to call. We had a brief, disjointed conversation where I had to repeat everything twice. We're still meeting tonight.

My shoulders are terribly stiff and sore and I just figured out that it's from the yoga. That's not good.

Darn it all if I don't feel goofy and out of it today. Like I could just fall asleep right here at my desk. I'm experimenting with a little eyes closed typing and boy does it feel good. I find myself slowly swaying and listing from side to side when I walk or stand up. I want to go to the gym and just do weights today. I want to go straight home and tuck myself into bed. I want to go home and do laundry, clear off the dining room table, mop the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, start packing for my trip and watch tv. I want to do nothing at all. I want to walk home instead of going to the gym. I want to take tomorrow off and do housework. I want to take tomorrow off and do nothing in the name of Rosh Hashanna. I want to take tomorrow morning off and go to services and come to work in the afternoon and go to the gym.

What don't I want to do? Meet the salsa guy for coffee or call the Spanish lessons guy. Oy vey.

Happy New Year, y'all.

Grateful for: plans.

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